Early Summer Meditation

Below are things that caught my eye during walks in central Ohio parks over the past few days. It is quieter now with the spring migration seeming like a distant memory. Many birds are going about the business of nesting and trying not to draw too much attention to themselves while insects are now more likely to draw one’s attention.

Early morning along the Big Darby.
House Wren
Loaded with pollen a Green Bee works over a Cone Flower
A Bold Jumping Spider devours a daddy longlegs.
Sunflowers at Battelle Darby Creek MP.
A bee mimic robber fly waits patiently for lunch.
Low water along the Olentangy River
In the middle of the city along the Scioto River about a mile and a half from our house a Bald Eagle surveys it’s realm.
A mother Wood Duck with little spare time.
Another morning view of the Big Darby
A Grackle enjoys the water.
Eastern Meadowlark
Looking out of place a Green Heron waits for lunch in the middle of the Scioto River.
A Baltimore Oriole across the river an exclamation point for a beautiful morning.
A Dragon Hunter poses for it’s picture. It’s name a hint about what constitutes at least part of it’s diet.
A baby wood duck finds a comfortable spot on top of a turtle.
Common Mullein in flower.
The Michigan Lily is rare in central Ohio.
Male Eastern Bluebird.
Against the deep shade of the river bank a Great Egret takes flight.
Great Blue Heron
Song Sparrow
Female Blue Dasher, considerably smaller than the Dragon Hunter.
A very healthy looking male House Finch.
The Unicorn Clubtail is small and is not a dragonfly we remember seeing in central Ohio before
A quiet morning along the Olentangy River

In the woods walk slowly with a quiet heart and let the the wonder come to you.

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