First Ice

. Today as we walked along the river, the hard dry frozen ground held wilted still green plants. Out of the north the wind had a bite as fast-moving clouds playing with the sun and us giving first just a hint of warmth then not. While ducks swam in frigid air, small birds hid, and the river continued its flow leaving near waters edge the…

Beauty Seen

Below are a series of photos taken over the past few days representing my humble attempt to capture the beauty of Griggs Reservoir Park near our home. . Unless the sky is particularly interesting I prefer to shoot landscapes on overcast days or even on days where there’s off and on rain. This helps eliminate problematic shadows while at the same time controlling dynamic…

Cold Gray Gives Way To Enchantment

It’s a mile and a half each way. A city park offering a glimpse of nature the reward for a fast walk made easier by the damp cold wind and a sky going from light to dark gray. In it’s cruel way spring was in reverse. A place not special to most especially given the weather few would be there. So in the quiet, perhaps a chance for magic. House after house sameness gave…

Something More

. Some days we’re so sure of what we’re after but often it turns out to be a little out of reach, . . sometimes it’s hidden or partially obscured, . . or despite our original excitement, the subject turns out to be ordinary not the desired extraordinary. . . Before continuing on, should we decide to pause, regroup, and perhaps let go of a few expectations, we may find, as if now seeing through…

A Winter Walk

Winter Walk . The wonder of freshly fallen snow proof that somewhere within there is still lives a child after snow had fallen during the night we walk the landscape quietly transforming gracing the ordinary with magic as birds go about their business moving branch to branch sending small cascades of white floating down into the quiet                                                                               rsp . . Thanks for looking in.

Autumn Dance

. Autumn Dance .                                              Returning today                                              we looked up                                              and were rewarded                                              only with bare branches                                              against a cold darkening gray. . .                                              But yesterday                                              in the morning sun                                              under a too blue autumn sky                                              before the windy night                                              we moved across the dance floor                                              as young children                                              to one partner then the next                                              pausing in wonder                                              while they, with arms outspread                                              in red, yellow, orange,…

Autumn Grace

                                                   Autumn Grace                                                                                             .                                                                              During nights,                                                                     longer and colder now,                                                                     autumn is splashed                                                                     on green leaves.                                                                                  .                                                                     In early still foggy mornings,                                                                     reds, yellows, and                                                                     gray brown branches,                                                                     create subtle intricate patterns.                                                                                   .                                                                     Later, in the bright piercing sun,                                                                     leaves ignite against a deep blue sky.                                                                                   .                                                                     Then, carried away by a…

On My Passion For Nature

. To Be Alive . Let life draw you in not push you from behind. Have good habits but don’t live by habit. Ask questions even when at first your not interested in the answer. Don’t just be entertained but entertain yourself. Allow youself to be seduced by a passion. . rsp .

A Celebration of Promise

                            A Morning Celebration . Early to songs of waking birds celebrating the promise of a new day the tree and a fleeing morning colored sky pause for a moment and embrace. .

Spring Snow

Spring Snow . Forecasters ensure that it’s never a complete surprise. Still, in the early morning hours with the songs of hopeful birds, it greeted us. . . Gently coming to rest on budding trees, . . new green grass, . . and confused flowers. . . Sticking to fences warmed by yesterday’s sun. . . In a few hours it was gone. ….