Autumn Song

High overhead an Osprey gives no notice but now as we walk along the shore sycamores sing in a tenor voice as they respond to the ebb and flow of a weightier October wind. Gone is their murmur in the gentleness of a moist summer breeze. In a fight to remain on ever barer branches the rattle of their autumn dryness soon gives way to a silent pirouette as one, losing it’s hold, lands quietly at my feet. The sun slowly warms the the day and the last intrepid dragonflies venture out in search of smaller “others” that have also awakened.

The color of windblown grass betrays the season
With it’s tired wings this Eastern Pondhawk graces us with it’s fleeting presence.
Halloween Pennant, (photo by Donna)
Widow Skimmer
The quiet lee shore.


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An Ever Changing Miracle

Looking at the forest floor in early October it’s hard to imagine that in the same place just a few months earlier spring beauties and trilliums enchanted. With the exception of the tapping of a distant woodpecker and the call of a much closer Carolina Wren, it’s quiet. The banter of spring birds is not heard. Initially asked if you were in the same place, you might answer yes and then after a moment’s reflection laugh at the thought. The woods cry out, “All is change, birth, life, then death, be in my moment”.

Autumn leaves and reflection.
In autumn a Song Sparrow has a tough time living up to it’s name.
A fallen tree, fungi, and just a hint of color.
A closer look reveals a slug checking out a puffball, (photo by Donna).
Under a group of conifers Yellow-orange Fly Agaric mushrooms were everywhere. 
Looking as though it had been placed there, a leaf with Turkey Tail fungus.
A Carolina Wren apparently didn’t get the memo and had no problem announcing it’s presence.
Autumn light brings mystery.
With gills that glow in the dark, poisonous but beautiful Jack-o-lantern mushrooms put on quite a show this time of year.
Against a dark hillside, with a morning fog just lifted, piercing sunlight illuminates a moisture laden web.

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