I am a retired engineer with a fascination and love of nature and the outdoors. This finds expression through photography, bicycling, canoeing, fishing, hiking, and birding.

The goal of this blog is to share to beauty of nature in central Ohio. Occasionally the blog will cover areas of natural beauty not in central Ohio.

Along with my photos my wife also contributes her photographs to this blog so is has become a very enjoyable and rewarding collaboration.

Cycling: rides and some longer tours in places such as Ohio, Michigan, New York, and  New England.

Canoeing: reservoirs and lakes of Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Ontario looking for birds or other wildlife.

Fishing: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, using a small canoe or kayak on the lakes and streams of Ohio, Michigan, and Florida.

Favorite places to hike are: West Texas, Maine, North Carolina, Florida, and the Adirondacks.

Cameras most often used by my wife and myself: Panasonic Lumix FZ200/300, Panasonic G7 DSLR with 100-400mm zoom lens, and Canon DSLRs using Sigma and Tamron zoom lenses.

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  1. Hi Bob,
    Excellent idea, this blog…you can let us know what birds we can expect to come up here during spring migration and we’ll return the favor in the fall.
    — Lou

  2. Hello Bob,
    Love your photography. If only mankind could preserve nature’s beauty and cherish its calmness for eternity.

    Thank you for commenting on my story at 50-Word stories. Another one about chocolate posted today.


  3. Thanks for stopping by the Edge of Blue. I’m behind in my posts since school is back in session! Looking forward to having more time when I take up your full time occupation! In the little time I have cruised about your blog, I must say that you have some great bird photography! Looking forward to a cup of coffee and sitting down to look through some of your postings… Cheers!

  4. Fantastic nature photographs! And a lovely blog overall. Thank you for the follow :-). I’m envious of your retirement and passion……….thank you for sharing. 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi Folks,
    Nice to meet and hike and bird with you at Sabino Canyon today.
    Happy blogging,
    Ranger Linda

  6. Hello Bob!

    My name is Todd and I am new to the Columbus area. I have a 50’s Old Town wood canoe (15 ft and banana yellow) and am looking for a place to canoe. I used to canoe at Kiser Lake and enjoyed the no motor restrictions. I could enjoy the whole lake in a morning.

    I’m somewhat new to canoeing and any insight and/or wisdom on where to take the Old Town would be great. She isn’t a showboat but I would like to keep her in good condition.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for a beautiful site!


  7. Hello Bob,

    My name is Todd and I am new to the Columbus (Hilliard) area. I have a 15 foot, banana yellow, Old Town wooden canoe from the early 50’s. I used to take her out on Kiser Lake where there is a no motor rule. I would love to find someplace close by to go out for the morning for a leisurely paddle.

    Is there anywhere you might recommend taking the Old Town? She isn’t a showboat but I would like to keep her in good condition and put off any canvas work as long as possible. Any ideas and/or insight would be much appreciated.

    Thanks so much! Congrats on a fantastic site! The pictures are stunning and the information is very helpful.


    • During the week, while most folks are at work, Griggs reservoir can be a nice paddle, particularly the very north end. We usually put in just north of the Fishinger Rd Bridge at a small “beach” area in Griggs Park and head north. Otherwise we like the north end of Alum Creek reservoir, launching at Howard Rd Bridge, as well the north end of Hoover Reservoir.

  8. Hi Bob, I met you today at Clifton Gorge. It was nice to meet a fellow enthusiast of the outdoors! Hope you had a great day exploring. Mike Scarberry

  9. Fantastic blog you have here! I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and enjoyed the many nature parks as a kid and, as such, it’s a real pleasure looking at the familiar landscapes and wildlife – for the experience alone I thank you! I look forward to seeing many more posts!


    Shem Tov

      • Most definitely! Even in my own backyard, located in a small city, the wildlife just seeps through – and I take full advantage of it. I really like the way you take canoeing trips, thereby allowing yourself to slip into the wildlife scene nearly silently. Unfortunately the rivers where I live aren’t really large enough to canoe in for any substantial period of time.

  10. Hello Bob,
    Your website and images are beautiful! I would like to know if you would allow Preservation Parks of Delaware County permission to use some of your images for educational signs in our parks? We are currently working on specific signs about pollinators and also about wildlife on the Olentangy River.
    Thank you,
    Mary Van Haaften, Preservation Parks of Delaware County

    • Thanks Mary,

      You are certainly welcome to use any pics you would like. Let us know which ones should you want a higher quality image.

      Bob and Donna

      • Thank you so much!! We are also searching for photos of the Olentangy River – preferably taken from canoe or kayak – I don’t suppose you and Donna have any?
        Best regards,

      • Hi, We would love to use your image of the Calico Pennant ( Donna) on one of our educational signs at Deer Haven Preserve. Image is in Dazzled By Dragonflies at Prairie Oaks July 22, 2015. Could you please send a high resolution image and how you would like the credit to read? Thank you!
        (Also please send an email if you would prefer to communicate that way.)
        Best regards,
        Mary Van Haaften, Preservation Parks of Delaware County

  11. Bob: Thanks for showing me the latest arrivals at Kiwanis this morning. I was reminded of the Cerulean warbler (in Plain City years ago, in the park just off the 161 bridge over the Darby) when we discussed some buzzing sounds (e.g blue-gray gnatcatcher, and the blue wing (beeee-buzz). What a site here.

  12. Bob – I am a geneticist that works for the US Forest Service, but sometimes I get involved with insect and disease issues. I have been looking for a good picture of dead ash along a river that I could use in talking about emerald ash borer. Your picture from along the Rifle River would be perfect. Would you allow me to use it? If so, how should I credit you? – Paul

    • Paul,
      Feel free to use the pic. Last year paddling along the Rifle River there were areas were the devastation was unbelievable.

      • Thanks very much Bob. That picture does a great job of capturing the impact of river ecosystems on a level that I think people can relate to. Its more personal than aerial photos of huge numbers of trees. Your other pictures are beautiful.

  13. I am an educator with the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, a state conservation agency. We would like to post one of Donna’s photos, Phacelia purshii, on the ANHC Facebook page. Miami Mist is a very rare species in our state! With permission, how should I credit the photo? Please email me! Thanks!

  14. Hi Bob.
    I really enjoyed your photographs. It is clear that you have spent many hours gathering such a beautiful collection. You and Donna are amazing photographers.
    I hope you find some interesting things when you get to the caves at Indian Village that we talked about.
    Janet (Dr. Bowen’s Office)

  15. I was lured in by an image search for ragwort, choosing only the ONE clearest, best image I saw, landed on your site and immediately was impressed with your photography. After enjoying your pictures, realized your organization, information tagging, and love of nature. Wonderful. Happy trails.

    • Sam, Thanks for you’re kind words. It’s been a very rewarding experience as we continue to learn about, and photograph, things discovered while exploring nature.

  16. Bob and Donna, We are looking for a photo of a black swallowtail butterfly and saw the recent photo posted attributed to Donna. Would it be possible for us to use the photo for a pollinator garden sign at Deer Haven Park? We would certainly credit the source. If so would it also be possible for you to send me a high quality image file? It is the first photo of the black swallowtail with its wings spread. Rich N. Preservation Parks of Delaware County

  17. Bob, I am in the beginning stages of putting a photo expo/seminar together at The Point@Otterbein University. I have always thought your work should be displayed and discussed. If you have any interest let me know. If not I understand and I will just keep enjoying your posts. Thanks for taking me back to the Blackwater River.
    Dave Teal

  18. Hi Bob & Donna, It was very nice to meet you yesterday while photographing by Griggs Dam. I was happy with the image of the Brown Creeper I got and after wards I went to Duranceau park across the river and got a good image of a Great Blue Heron.

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