May It Always Be So

Now when I go into the woods, camera in hand, I find that there is much less concern about “getting the picture” and more about just being there. Perhaps that’s because in some miraculous way, the skills required to get an acceptable photograph of something crawling, walking, running or flying have slowly transformed me into the “camera”.

Now being in nature is more the experience I seek. The experience may involve observing the goings and comings of a belted kingfisher and being left with the realization that I need his world much more than he does mine. In fact, it’s sobering to realize that from the kingfisher’s point of view, things would get along quite nicely if I didn’t exist at all. Despite all our technology I can’t, with any confidence, say the same about the kingfisher.

Embraced by wonder, awe, and humility I am left with a heightened sense of gratitude, that for a brief moment the kingfisher perched on a branch and allowed me to share his world. May it always be so.

10 Comments on “May It Always Be So

  1. What beautiful insight and inspiring words this morning, Bob. Thank you. A reminder to simply “be” — to see, listen, smell, feel…rather than to list, document, tally, or gather. We are temporary guests in their world and are called to tread lightly with respect for their wisdom.

  2. The trick is to be in the right place at the right time and that comes with experience (and patience which I don’t have). I hope that you continue to be there then as it leads to some lovely pictures for us to enjoy.

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