A Celebration of Promise

                            A Morning Celebration . Early to songs of waking birds celebrating the promise of a new day the tree and a fleeing morning colored sky pause for a moment and embrace. .

Spring Snow

Spring Snow . Forecasters ensure that it’s never a complete surprise. Still, in the early morning hours with the songs of hopeful birds, it greeted us. . . Gently coming to rest on budding trees, . . new green grass, . . and confused flowers. . . Sticking to fences warmed by yesterday’s sun. . . In a few hours it was gone. ….

Early Spring Woods

. Early Spring Woods . Fallen leaves subtle hues of brown under foot . Trees branches bare hints of green . Flowers white, blue, yellow barely seen . Wind cool moving quietly . Sun light warm reaching all .  

A Spring Song

Spring Song . As we walk the brown gray landscape revealed by melting snow is brightened by a sun now too high for it not to be green. . We impatiently look for signs of what is coming, a spring wildflower or a bud that’s about to leaf. . Then a sparrow sings and provides reassurance. . . *****

Letting Go of Winter

A few days ago we went on one of our first bike rides of the season. . Along the roadside, having made their yearly trip from points south, male Red-winged Blackbirds were busy calling and staking out their territory. . Temperatures pushing into the fifties were not enough to rouse the spring peepers as the places they call home remained covered with ice. . As we rode, a late winter sun,…

A Prayer for Other Living Things

A Prayer for Other Living Things . Winter struggles to become spring summer comes easily then fall as it has for me many times before. . . Looking back to time spent in wild places and quiet morning walks, . . I now, slowly, finally, realize it’s not only about us our dreams, desires, and wants. . ***** . In the woods, . a sycamore stands years longer than…


Kinglet                                      Too small to be real.                                      Do we imagine it?                                      There,                                      then not,                                           a flash of gold.                                       Quickly, nervously,                                      wings a blur,                                      it moves,                                      under, on top, and beside                                      branches.                                  …


. Kingfisher . Our canoe moves quietly along the shore. . Sensing our approach it flies from a bare branched tree and then another noisily protesting always just ahead. . Something is seen and just as quickly it dives breaking the water’s surface disappearing into another world. . Quickly reemerging with a fish it flies from the surface as if water and air are one stopping…

Cardinal in Winter Light

. In the middle of a field, on the branch of a small tree, a Cardinal briefly posed. . . Then, not quite escaping the camera’s lens, it flew. . . Unfolding like a flower. . rsp

First Snow

First Snow . Still full of colored leaves The Sweet Gum in front of our house wasn’t quite ready . . The autumn snow arrived last night as they said it would, quietly, and not much Covering the fallen leaves from the day before . . But now placing it’s leaves on top of a white blanket . . The Sweet Gum continued on . . ***