Autumn Woods

We are fascinated by the few intrepid wildflowers that continue blooming late into autumn.

The tiny flowers of fleabane.

On a larger scale, as we walked along the wooded shore of a local reservoir, we are also carried away by the thought that nature in all it’s expanse is now in bloom.

Orange leaves and water, Hollenback Hiking Trail, Alum Creek SP.
Cathedral, Hollenback Hiking Trail, Alum Creek SP.

On a much smaller scale fungi continue to “bloom” and will do so long after the flowers have given up.

Polypore, (photo by Donna)
As if they had been placed, (photo by Donna).
A tiny mushroom emerges.
Lemon Drops, (photo by Donna).
Cracked-cap Polypore, (photo by Donna).
Puffballs, (photo by Donna).
Appear similar to dead man’s fingers.

Often just being in the early November woods with the colors, the briskness of the air, and the distinct fragrance of the leaves, that after a season’s hard work fall to the forest floor and generously give back to the cycle of life, is enough.

Autumn shore, Hollenback Hiking Trail, Alum Creek SP.
Cove, Hollenback Hiking Trail, Alum Creek SP.
A distant tree, Hollenback Hiking Trail, Alum Creek SP.

Be awake to this day and to what, with intention, is experienced. Be awake to the season’s coolness, then warmth, the sun on your face, the sound of a flock of robins weaved their way through the branches, the smells, the trail with it’s roots, rocks, mud, inclines and descents, and the muscles that now feel used. These are the embrace of unique moments floating in the river of time that form you.

Thanks for stopping by.

2 Comments on “Autumn Woods

  1. You are right about the smells of autumn. They are rich and worth savouring. There are very fine fungus shots in this post in my opinion.

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