An Ever Changing Miracle

Looking at the forest floor in early October it’s hard to imagine that in the same place just a few months earlier spring beauties and trilliums enchanted. With the exception of the tapping of a distant woodpecker and the call of a much closer Carolina Wren, it’s quiet. The banter of spring birds is not heard. Initially asked if you were in the same place, you might answer yes and then after a moment’s reflection laugh at the thought. The woods cry out, “All is change, birth, life, then death, be in my moment”.

Autumn leaves and reflection.
In autumn a Song Sparrow has a tough time living up to it’s name.
A fallen tree, fungi, and just a hint of color.
A closer look reveals a slug checking out a puffball, (photo by Donna).
Under a group of conifers Yellow-orange Fly Agaric mushrooms were everywhere. 
Looking as though it had been placed there, a leaf with Turkey Tail fungus.
A Carolina Wren apparently didn’t get the memo and had no problem announcing it’s presence.
Autumn light brings mystery.
With gills that glow in the dark, poisonous but beautiful Jack-o-lantern mushrooms put on quite a show this time of year.
Against a dark hillside, with a morning fog just lifted, piercing sunlight illuminates a moisture laden web.

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4 Comments on “An Ever Changing Miracle

  1. Awesome photos AND fascinating (as usual) background information on the subjects, pretty much as usual from you(s) and most appreciated! M 🙂

  2. Thank you for the wonderful glimpse of the place that you live in. I look forward to seeing your emails pop up to brighten my day

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