Wonder Of Change

Along the path

a spot where water collects

is now a puddle of autumn’s amber leaves.

A few months ago,

as cliff swallows collected material for their nests,

it was place for spring rain, mud, and new life.



Yesterday, as we walked, it was quiet,

nothing competing with the small voice of a chickadee in a nearby tree,

while along the path,

the leaves, in gentle release, drifted down like soft snow

and the sun struggled to warm us,

as it danced between the clouds.



Today, into the wind, I lowered my head and grabbed the brim of my hat,

as leaves in wild flight,

having lost the battle,

were torn from almost bare branches.




the journey continues

and with it

the wonder of change.



4 Comments on “Wonder Of Change

  1. The Wakeeva NP opening photo is Claude Monet’s Impressionism through the eyes of a photographer; extraordinary! The other lake shot reveals that water can see the integrated unity of all nature; even roots, rocks, and leaves as one. I’m beginning to learn that the artist has a sixth sense that starts from. they eye but moves beyond the five senses. Please keep teaching us.

    • Berry, thanks so much for your kind words. I take plenty of snap shots, and even some good shots, but every once and awhile I an opportunity to take a picture that speaks to my soul.

  2. Thank you for using your words to take me with you to that quiet and wild place. It was exactly where I ached to be.

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