Just Outside Our Door

Golden-crowned Kinglets are a favorite bird to observe this time of year as northern migrants move into central Ohio. Unlike warblers, some kinglets will spend the winter in the area. To date it had not been a good autumn for Golden-crowned Kinglet sightings.


Yesterday as we left the house to visit local park with the intention of seeing these elusive little birds, and what ever else was lurking in the trees and bushes along the river, we noticed nervous movement in trees next to our driveway; and after closer inspection:

***, (Donna)



***, (Donna)

***, (Donna)



Entranced for almost an hour, we watched these small fascinating birds forage in the trees for insects, and in that time, without even trying, they transported us out of ourselves on a journey into the larger world of nature’s wonder.


Thanks for stopping by.

6 Comments on “Just Outside Our Door

  1. I have found over the years that the nature I’ve traveled to see has somehow followed me home. I don’t know how it has happened but a lot of the flowers I used to have to travel to see now grow right here. I think in your case it’s the birds that are following you home.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that you let Nature’s surprises dictate your schedule and your plans. Bravo!!

  3. Those are some solid photos of a bird legendary for not holding still. I always look forward to hearing their soft whistles at this time of year.

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