Beauty Seen

Below are a series of photos taken over the past few days representing my humble attempt to capture the beauty of Griggs Reservoir Park near our home.


Unless the sky is particularly interesting I prefer to shoot landscapes on overcast days or even on days where there’s off and on rain. This helps eliminate problematic shadows while at the same time controlling dynamic range. The one drawback to shooting under such conditions is that the pictures often come out of the camera looking rather “muddy”. To address this problem, acknowledging photographs seldom represent what is actually there but rather what the photographer wants to say, some post processing is necessary. Hopefully, a light touch yields a result that does not look over saturated or fake.


I would never pass up a beautiful sunrise or sunset if the other elements needed to make a good photograph were there, but as I’ve gotten older I find myself increasingly drawn to the subtle rather than the dramatic. Unlike the dramatic, I’m suspicious that for many there must be a sense of connection to place or thing for beauty in its more subtle forms to be appreciated. Realizing that, I will certainly understand of these pictures don’t speak to others as much as they do to me.

Images are best appreciated if clicked on to enlarge. 




Early autumn color.


On the edge.


Through the branches.


Hanging on.


Shoreline rocks.


Yellow leaves.


Pebbles and stones.


Favorite stump.




Canoe launch.




Walking quietly

allowing oneself to be

in a wood or meadow

by a stream or a lake

beauty at first unnoticed

now seen.


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Should you wish prints from various posts may be purchased at Purchase a Photo. If you don’t find it on the link drop us a line.


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