An Uncommon Early Spring Flower

We really needed a “pick me up” after several days back in cooler than normal gray Ohio which followed a recent two month stay in sunny Florida. What better way to cheer oneself up than to go looking for early spring wildflowers and in the this case one of the earliest. Of course there was always the possibility that we wouldn’t find anything in which case we were prepared to go to the local ice cream establishment to cheer ourselves up.


The object of our search was the Snow Trillium a flower that defies the cold and snow to be one of the first to appear each spring. We first looked for Harbinger of Spring along the river just below Griggs Reservoir. It’s another early arrival. We didn’t have any luck. Not real encouraged we decided to check another location near the reservoir where we’d seen Snow Trillium in past years in hopes of better luck. The Snow Trillium is not a common flower and I would consider it rare in central Ohio so it’s always a treat to see them.


Forgetting how small they are, at least when compared to a Large-Flowered Trillium, nothing appeared at first but after a few minutes my wife’s better eyesight spotted the first flower and then as if by magic another and then another appeared .   .   .    We were ecstatic!


Snow Trillium, Griggs Reservoir


Hopefully spring wildflowers will cast their spell on you and make this spring just a little more special. Thanks for stopping by.




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