Cold Gray Gives Way To Enchantment

It’s a mile and a half each way.

A city park offering a glimpse of nature

the reward for a fast walk

made easier by the damp cold wind

and a sky going from light to dark gray.

In it’s cruel way spring was in reverse.

A place not special to most

especially given the weather

few would be there.

So in the quiet, perhaps a chance for magic.

House after house sameness

gave way to a spontaneity of green.

Would anything feel like celebrating the solitude of the day?

In the park hat brim lowered into a light rain

I wondered

but continued on.


Then, after some distance, amidst the muted color as if seeking shelter, they appeared .   .   .


Chestnut-sided warbler, Griggs Park.


Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Griggs Park.


American Redstart, Griggs Park.


Hermit Thrush, Griggs Park.


Tennessee Warbler, Griggs Park.


Great-crested Flycatcher, Griggs Park.


Yellow-rumped Warbler, Griggs Park.


Prothonotary Warbler, Griggs Park.


gray cold gave way to enchantment.


Thanks for stopped by.


3 Comments on “Cold Gray Gives Way To Enchantment

  1. My wife and I love your blog and follow it closely. We are amazed by your level of knowledge on many subjects called “nature”. We live on Hoover (500 feet from our house to the water’s edge). We have an abundance of birds and animals on our property, albeit, many mundane. We do have regular visits from wild turkeys, a number of different woodpeckers, and many other types We would love to spend a morning or afternoon with you if you wanted to come by and see our version of the Hoover Nature Preserve”.

    • We appreciate your kind offer but unfortunately the next few weeks are pretty well booked up, hard to believe since we’re retired. How did we ever find time for work. Things may free up a little more later in the summer and we do find ourselves at the north end of Hoover looking for birds and other wildlife when we wear out our welcome at the parks on the west side of Columbus. Will keep you in mind.

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