A Different Mood

Light creates different moods and brings to our attention beauty in design, shape, and form not noticed before. Such was the case walking along the Scioto River a few days ago.



Tree roots along the Scioto River


Other things were also noticed. Some, like the Golden Crowned Kinglets and Brown Creepers, eluded the camera’s lens.


Mallards swimming.


These folks quickly swam away as I approach indicating that they are not part of the year round resident population accustomed to being feed.


Mallards on ice.


Mallards kind of walking, sliding, and skating. A video would have done it more justice. (Donna)


Overhead a Tufted Titmouse looks out from a decaying tree.


How about getting just a little closer? (Donna)


Colors and patterns not seen in the warmer months.


Tree bark, (Donna)


There’s never a shortage  of robins and downy woodpeckers always cheer up the landscape this time of year.


A Robin perches contently, (Donna).


Downy Woodpecker (F), (Donna).


Recent warm weather has some plants confused. Wonder what these little guys are doing today. The temperature as I write this is 9 F.


New growth, (Donna)


It has gotten much colder but still not much snow. We look forward to changes that will again draw our attention to beauty not noticed before.


Thanks for stopping by.



Molly Cat.


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