Shouldn’t You Guys Be Doing Something Else?

It shouldn’t have been a big surprise, after all yours truly was out there in a kayak in what turned out to be an unsuccessful effort to get a better picture of a Red-throated Loon. In my defense, while the water was cold enough to cause condensation on the inside of the boat, the air temperature was 50 F and there wasn’t much wind.



December 16th on Griggs Reservoir in our Folbot Kodiak, (photo by Willkie)


But still, in central Ohio on December 16th, I’ve never seen turtles sunning themselves on a log or anywhere else for that matter. By now, it’s usually been cold enough, long enough, that ice has threatened open water and turtles have long since made what I’ve always thought to be the irrevocable decision to head for the muddy bottom. That is, at least until the consistently warmer and longer days of spring again beckon them to the surface.



December turtles.


El Nino, global warming, just a fluke of warm weather? For now I’ll just enjoy the novelty of the experience.


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4 Comments on “Shouldn’t You Guys Be Doing Something Else?

  1. The why doesn’t matter, I’m just enjoying this weather while it holds. It must have been great to get out with the kayak in December and not freeze!

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