Something More


Some days we’re so sure of what we’re after but often it turns out to be a little out of reach,



A Bald Eagle perches on the other side of Griggs Reservoir.


sometimes it’s hidden or partially obscured,



A branch hides the Red-bellied Woodpecker’s red belly.


or despite our original excitement, the subject turns out to be ordinary not the desired extraordinary.



Hoping for a Trumpeter Swan.


Before continuing on, should we decide to pause, regroup, and perhaps let go of a few expectations, we may find, as if now seeing through a clearer lens, more than what was first sought.



Leaves and reflected November branches


Ice and branches.

Fall leaves and water use

Patterns, (Donna)



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10 Comments on “Something More

  1. The leaves and … branches is my favorite here, looking almost like they are connected. Love the “ice” also, a fascinating structural image. And, the 3 birds … nice also. -:)

  2. Thanks.

    I spent nearly an hour below the damp hoping to see the eagle….but I saw nothing…You are really a friend of eagles.

    ________________________________ 差出人: Central Ohio Nature 送信日時: 2015年11月23日 15:35 宛先: 件名: [New post] Something More

    centralohionature posted: “. . Some days . we’re so sure of what we want . or need . but what we seek may be beyond reach . . hidden or partially obscured . . ordinar”

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