Autumn at Clifton Gorge

Part of the impetus for the outing was to test drive a sports car I’ve been working on for several weeks. Not to mention that autumn always seem to slip away before we realize what’s happened so better get out and enjoy! Also, Clifton Gorge is among Ohio’s more unique and beautiful natural areas. Equipped with sufficient justification, off we went to take advantage of one of the several beautiful days we’ve had recently.


Below is some of what we saw.

P1050352 (2)use

The Gorge

Leaf Etching 1 101515 Clifton Gorge csb1

Insect etching, (Donna).

P1050365 (2)use

Colors and shadows

Eastern Comma 1 101515 Clifton Gorge cp1

Eastern Comma, (Donna)


Little Miami

Turtle 1 101515 clifton gorge cp1

Map Turtle taking advantage of the autumn sun, (Donna)

Puff Balls and moss 1 101515 Clifton Gorge cp1

Puff Balls and moss, (Donna)


Water over a log.

P1050383 (2)use


Orange maple leaves 1 101515 Clifton Gorge csb1

Maple leaves, (Donna)

Gold and brown leaves 1 101515 Clifton Gorge csb1

Autumn designs, (Donna)

P1050364 (2)use

Leaves in sun light.

P1050367 (2)use

The trail.

Flower and shadow 1 101515 clifton gorge cp1P1170596

Flower and shadow, (Donna)

P1050361 (2)use

The Gorge, take 2.

Red and green oak leaves 1 101525 Clifton Gorge csb1

Oak leaves, (Donna)

P1050366 (2)use

The river through leaves.

P1050373 (2)

Arch over the Little Miami.


If you live in the northern hemisphere, don’t wait, get out and enjoy it before it’s gone.


Thanks for stopping by.


The car.


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