An Early October “Doodle”

Usually during our outdoor adventures we’ll see something that becomes the focal point for a post. During recent paddles and hikes we’ve been charmed by early fall color, autumn wildflowers, and birds seen, but nothing has really jumped out. At least not when compared to a recent sighting of our first Buckeye Butterfly of the year after we’d pretty much given up.


So below is a “doodle” of things recently seen. Most are pictures of subjects similar to things photographed before, but all celebrate the season. It’s a magic time of year perhaps because, unlike the expectant beauty of spring that gives promise to that of summer, it will too soon be gone.


Recently we’ve had several days with very nice temperatures and little wind, unusual for this time of year, but perfect for paddling.


No worry about crowds on Griggs Reservoir this time of year.


There were splashes of color as we paddled.


Winding our way around fallen trees. Victims of last spring’s heavy rains.

Kristen and Jon in canoe 2 best 1 100815 griggs cpsb1

Paddling a canoe on a calm sunny day is a true joy, (Donna).


Quite a few birds were seen as we worked our way along the shore. A few posed for pictures.


We lost count of all the Cedar Waxwings seen. Many were perched in the very tops of trees at water’s edge.


A lone American Coot. The first one seen this fall.


A Phoebe at water’s edge.


Take 2.

Great Blue Heron 3 wings full out 1 best 1 griggs cp1

A Great Blue Heron strikes a pose, (Donna).

Sandpiper on rock 2 LL1 best 1 100815 griggs cp1

Sandpiper reflection, (Donna)


A Carolina Wren makes it’s presence known along the Scioto.


When not paddling we explored the area along the Scioto River below the dam.


Low water and roots along the Scioto.


Path along the river.


A hint of color.


Looking closer.


Along the Scioto below Griggs dam.




Exposed rock at low water along the Scioto.


Great Egret feather.


Some early autumn flowers were hard to miss.


Calico Asters


Busy bee on a Woodland Sunflower.


In just a couple months, in the warmth of our homes with snow blowing past a window now securely closed, pictures capturing the beauty of this time will be hard to relate to. But ever restless and seeking, we will venture out to experience the beauty of that season. That’s just the way lovers of nature are.  However, in the coming days we will enjoy this time.


Thanks for stopping by.


11 Comments on “An Early October “Doodle”

  1. I’m surprised that your fall colors have started already so much further south. Ours are just getting going. That maple is beautiful!
    I like that shot of the feather. I haven’t seen one lately.

  2. One of the greatest joys of visiting the same places time and time again is the opportunity to see familiar things as they slowly transform through the seasons, giving the naturalist a sense of knowing that particular environment, and a special intimacy or oneness with it.

  3. Lovely photos, Donna has such a fine eye for composition and seeing the extraordinary in the things we take for granted.

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