Early Autumn Wonder

Nature in central Ohio looks different this time of year. The midday sun, now lower in the south, results in a much bluer sky. There’s just a hint of fall color among what is still mostly green.


Northern end of Griggs Reservoir

Water and tree reflection 1 092415 Griggs csb1

Heading south on Griggs Reservoir, (Donna)


Griggs Reservoir landscape, Griggs Park.


Cooler weather has resulted in better fishing. Amazing results are sometimes achieved, especially when one considers that that the reservoir is right in the city.


A nice size Griggs Reservoir Smallmouth.


During a recent visit to Blendon Woods Metro Park looking for migrating fall warblers, the same light that creates the blue sky finds it’s angled way through tree branches creating patterns not usually seen in mid-summer.


Blendon Woods Metro Park trail,


Shadows, Blendon Woods Metro Park


A shaft of light, Blendon Woods Metro Park


.   .   .   and closer to home a shaft of light illuminates my favorite stump..


Griggs Park


Early autumn wildflowers are dramatic and on a sunny day, birds and butterflies also seem to be celebrating the moment.

White Aster flower 1 092415 Griggs cp1

Rush Asters, Griggs Reservoir, (Donna)

Aster Bouquet 2 092415 Griggs cp1

Calico Asters, (Donna)


Tickseed Sunflower, (Donna)


Bottle Gentian, (Donna)

Hummingbird 3 LL 2 better 1 092215 Blendon Wood cp1

Hummingbird, Blendon Woods (Donna)

Clouded Sulphur 2 on dandylion 1 091515 Griggs cp1

Clouded Sulphur, Griggs Park, (Donna)

Cedar Waxwing juvenile 1 LL 1 best 1 091515 Griggs cp1

Cedar Waxwing, juvenile, Griggs Park, (Donna).

Cabbage White 2 wings out 1 best 2 091515 Griggs cp1

Cabbage White, Griggs Park, (Donna)

12 Spotted Skimmer P1050188use

12 Spotted Skimmer, Griggs Park

Monarch with yellow flowers 3 best 3 091515 Griggs cp1

Monarch, Griggs Park, (Donna)


New England Asters, Blendon Woods


Female Wood Duck, Blendon Woods


Immature male Wood Duck, Blendon Woods


Pileated Woodpecker, Blendon Woods

Green Heron 1 with shadow 1 092415 Griggs cp1

Green Heron, Griggs Reservoir, (Donna).

Green Heron 3 closer yet 2 092415 Griggs cp1

A more whimsical pose, (Donna)

Great Blue Heron in flightfix

A Great Blue Heron casts a reflection as we paddle closer, Griggs Reservoir, (Donna)


A hint of autumn color, fall wildflowers, cooler nights, and warm sunny days, and places of wonder.


Thanks for stopping by.

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