A Caterpillar Has a Bad Day

Often I’m so caught up the beauty of nature and that I lose touch with it’s other “darker” side. It’s easy to forget that it’s “a jungle out there”. When in such an elevated state it’s usually not long before I see something that brings me back to reality and the awareness of just how tough nature can be. It’s about trying to eat and keep from being eaten. In the sequence below it’s obvious that whatever defenses the caterpillar had they weren’t effective. It’s hard not to feel sorry of the caterpillar and lower our opinion of the nuthatch. We humans tend to do that. Trying to feel better, I find myself thinking about the consequences of an unchecked caterpillar population, but of course I’m left with the realization that unchecked population growth in any group is bad for the system as a whole.


Nuthatch with caterpillar, 1










Then, as it often does, being out in nature brings me back from darker thoughts with a message of hope, and gives reason to smile.

Mallard babies napping -startled awake 1 0511115 Griggs   paddle cp1

Baby Mallards, (Donna)


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6 Comments on “A Caterpillar Has a Bad Day

  1. The poor insects do suffer a violent death when a bird gets ahold of them, it is hard not to feel sorry for them. But, the ducklings are extra cute to make up for it.

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