The Woods Have a New Song

Actually it’s many songs that all blend together. On resent walks we’ve enjoyed the call of the the Chipping Sparrow. A call not heard just a few weeks ago. Heard but not seen, a Northern Parula’s distant song finds it’s way around the many still leafless trees to our ear. Not to be out done, Chickadees, Cardinals, Titmouse, Nuthatches, and tree top Yellow Throated Warblers are more than happy to add their notes.


The magic for me is that many of these small birds have travelled so far to enchant us as we walk through our local woods. A wave of beauty, in song and color, that works it’s way north in fits and starts, as food and weather allow.


(click on the image for a better view)


The Yellow Throated Warblers love the tops of Sycamore trees.


Yellow-throated Warbler below Griggs Dam.


A short pause.


Then singing again.


Bluebells continue to bring color to the woods.


Bluebells along the Scioto River below Griggs Dam.


One picture just won’t do.


Perhaps some of the few that have endured another central Ohio winter, one wonder’s what the nearby Great Blue Heron’s think of all this.


Great Blue Heron along the Scioto River below Griggs Dam.




Time for lunch.


It isn’t just the wildflowers that bestow a sense of wonder.


Box Elder below Griggs Dam


While certainly not one of the most vocal or colorful, the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher still charms us with it’s antics.


Blue-gray Gnatcatcher along the Scioto River below Griggs Dam.


. . . take two.


. . . take three.


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12 Comments on “The Woods Have a New Song

  1. What a joy it must be for the two of you to see all the wonderful wildlife in these Ohio localities, and watch the way it changes and evolves through every season of the year. Thank you for sharing your experiences with such delightful photographs.

  2. So that is what a sycamore tree looks like? It reminds me of a the bauble decorations on a Christmas Tree. And the beautiful little bird up there also looks like another decoration. I love the Great Blue Heron shots. 🙂

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