Turtles and Trout Lilies

I must confess that on a recent urban hike down to the Scioto River and Griggs Reservoir I was so enraptured by the beauty and warmth of the spring day that I had a hard time taking pictures. I just wanted to be not do.


Fortunately my wife wasn’t as seriously affected and managed to get some lovely shots of Trout Lilies among other things.


Bird wise, Blue Gray Gnatcatchers and Yellow-rumped Warblers were seen but were either uncooperative or two far away for a picture that would do them justice. Yellow Throated Warblers were heard signing their hearts out in the top of Sycamores but they weren’t moving making them hard to locate.


Below are a few of the things seen:

White Trout Lily Trio 2 0417`15 Griggs south csb1

White Trout Lilies in full bloom, (Donna)

White Trout Lily Flower close-up 2 better 1 041715 Grigg   south cp1

A close up, (Donna)

White Trout Lily and shadow 1 041715 Griggs south cp1

They get their name for their leaves that reminded someone of a Brown trout, (Donna)

White Trout Family 1 041715 Griggs south cp1

They weren’t everywhere but where they were it was a real celebration, (Donna)

Robin on ground close-up 2 better one 041715 Griggs south   cp1

A Robin poses for my wife


The Cut-leaf Toothwort was making a good showing.


Another view showing it’s leaves.


Re-Bellied Woodpecker 3 better 1 041715 Griggs south   cp1

A Red-bellied Woodpecker seems to almost land on my wife’s head, (Donna)


Looking rather strange, Dryad’s Saddle emerges


E. Comma full out best 2 041715 Griggs south cp1

Eastern Comma enjoys the spring sun, (Donna)


Several Flickers were seen.


It’s a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, honest!



A lone Map Turtle enjoys the warm sun.

Five Turtles on a log 2 041715 Griggs south cp1

While across the river several have found the perfect log, (Donna)

Goldfinch in tree 1 041715 Griggs south cp1

A male Goldfinch sums up the day, (Donna).


Thanks for stopping by.

12 Comments on “Turtles and Trout Lilies

  1. Oh, I love your turtles! The woodpecker and goldfinch are beauties and that dryad’s saddle very weird! Great selection of pics.

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