Spring Snow

It’s been a back and forth spring. Nothing new there except sometimes it can be a bit confusing. Yesterday morning we woke to a fresh cover of snow. Just enough to color the landscape white for a time. By noon it was gone.


Just pull the car out of the garage for some quick maintenance, perhaps it will take an hour, the weather had a different idea.


There have been signs of spring:


Skunk Cabbage


A closer look.

Squirrel with acorn 032415 Highbanks cp1

Squirrel with acorn, (Donna)


Winter Aconite

Tufted Titmouse LR beak open 032415 Highbanks cp1

Titmouse, (Donna)


Last years leaves cast shadows.

Bluebird back LR better one 032415 Highbanks cp1

A too blue Bluebird, (Donna)

Lichen on red log 032415 Highbanks csb1

Lichen and fallen log, (Donna).

Lichen on red log 032415 Highbanks closer 1

Looking closer



Downy Woodpecker


Fox Squirrel




.    .    .    and then, in parting, perhaps until next year:


The snow reveals things not usually noticed


. . . creating patterns and design.


Thanks for stopping by.

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