Early Spring Raindrops and Kinglets

The other day I was chatting with a friend and looking out the window at an early spring, gray brown, day. A quiet rain was falling. Water hung on still bare branches focusing the light. The water drop points of light reminded me that we need to cherish each day. Some days are just easier than others.

a IMG_5322fix

Early spring rain.

b IMG_1082cfix

. . . but a closer look.


Early spring days do try men’s souls. Certainly not an original thought. We can’t help but feel like we’re waiting for something.

f P1010704 (2)

Waiting for green along Griggs Reservoir.


To better manage such discontent, maybe the trick is to always be curious. The other day a Red Winged Blackbird stopped by are front yard feeder. Not something we’ve seen before as it’s a bird associated with more rural settings and we live right in the middle of the city.

g P1010713 (2)

An uncooperative Red Winged Black Bird at the top of a tree in our front yard.


Recently, on a day blessed with more sunshine, we went looking for Snow Trilliums. There is one spot along the reservoir not far from our house that so far has not been overrun by development or more common plants. No trilliums were seen. We’ll try again in a few days.


But patience and attention pay off because we did see a few birds, most notably Golden Crowned Kinglets. A bird that will soon be heading north.


Along Griggs Reservoir, on one of the few remaining areas covered with ice, a Hering Gull dwarfs a Ring-billed.

e P1010686 (2)

A White-breasted Nuthatch peeks from behind a tree as we look for trilliums.

Downy Woodpecker 031415 Griggs North cp1

Donna captures a beautiful Downy Woodpecker.

d P1010669 (2)

The same downy from a different angle.

Robin on rock head on 031215 Griggs west cp1

Donna decided to take this photo but we’re not sure the Robin was happy about it.

Mockingbird 031415 Griggs North cp1

Probably the earliest we’ve ever seen a Mocking Bird, (Donna)

Chickadee on branch looking left 031215 Griggs west     cp1

Where there are Nuthatches and Downy’s you usually see Chickadees, (Donna).


Not far away a Song Sparrow announces spring.


We can always count on a Red-bellied Woodpecker to make an appearance.

h Golden-crowned Kinglet 031215 Griggs west cp1

The real treat of the day were the Golden-crowned Kinglets, (Donna)


But when you’re looking at the ground for trilliums you do see other things.

Snowdrops 031415 Griggs North cp1

Snowdrops are one of the earliest spring flowers to poke their head above the ground, Griggs Park, (Donna)

Orange tree flowers 031415 Griggs North cp1

Vernal witch hazel contrasting beautifully with the gray brown surroundings, (Donna)

Lichen Close-up 2 031415 Griggs Noth cp1

This time of year the lichen really stands out, (Donna)


Adding color to otherwise drab branches.


Thanks for stopping by.

6 Comments on “Early Spring Raindrops and Kinglets

  1. I enjoyed the outing. It’s so nice to see someone else take pictures of inverted reflections in a drop of water. They’re a favorite of mine.

  2. You got some great shots even if it was a gloomy day! The small flowers with strap shaped petals are vernal witch hazel (Hamamelis vernalis,) also called Ozark witch hazel if that is our native one. If you found it in a park or someone’s yard it could be a non native variety.

  3. Great colours in the witchhazel and the lichen shots. Also great bird shots and that fluffed up robin does look hilariously unimpressed! We don’t have snowdrops here. They are beautiful!

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