An Early Spring Plant With Attitude

We’ve been working our way around the Scioto River Watershed in Columbus looking for migrating waterfowl and signs of spring. The spring part has been tough as snow continues to cover most of the ground. But today we discovered the first unambiguous sign that spring can’t be far away.


On the road to discovery we noticed some things that weren’t that encouraging.


Hayden Run Falls along Griggs Reservoir



With winter dragging on, the birds seemed confused, some were swimming north others south, Scioto River below Griggs Dam.


Still, while looking for birds we took an opportunity to direct our gaze towards the ground hoping to see Skunk Cabbage a plant that generates it’s own internal heat to get the jump on lesser plants.


Skunk Cabbage, Kiwanis Riverway Park

Skunk Cabbage front view 030815 Kiwanis Riverview Park   cp1

A closer look, (Donna)


After seeing the Skunk Cabbage it was hard not to notice and imagine the birds in the area celebrating our discovery.


A Nuthatch with what appears to be the remains of an insect, Kiwanis Riverway Park.



We never get tired of Cardinals, Kiwanis Riverway Park.


Thank’s for looking in.


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