A Winter Walk

Winter Walk


The wonder of freshly fallen snow

proof that somewhere within

there is still lives a child

after snow had fallen during the night

we walk

the landscape quietly transforming

gracing the ordinary with magic

as birds go about their business

moving branch to branch

sending small cascades of white floating down

into the quiet



100 (1)

The Big Darby, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

300 (3)

White-breasted Nuthatch, just below Griggs Dam

500 (5)

Trail, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

400 (4)

Scioto River below Griggs Dam

2000 (20)

Creek, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

1900 (19)

Looking for a bird, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

1800 (18)

Water and snow, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

1700 (17)

Gull just below Griggs Dam

1400 (14)

Snow on branches, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

1200 (12)

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Prairie Oaks Metro Park, (Donna)

1100 (11)

Looking north, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

700 (7)

Brown Creeper below Griggs Dam, (Donna)

600 (6)

Creek and trees, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

1000 (10)

Downy Woodpecker below Griggs Dam, (Donna)

900 (9)

River scene, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Thanks for looking in.

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