Autumn Dance


Autumn Dance


                                             Returning today

                                             we looked up

                                             and were rewarded

                                             only with bare branches

                                             against a cold darkening gray.



Late autumn.


                                             But yesterday

                                             in the morning sun

                                             under a too blue autumn sky

                                             before the windy night

                                             we moved across the dance floor

                                             as young children

                                             to one partner then the next

                                             pausing in wonder

                                             while they, with arms outspread

                                             in red, yellow, orange, and gold

                                             demanded our admiring upward gaze

                                             then held us close

                                             in warm embrace.




IMG_0941use (2)

Autumn color, study 1


Autumn color, study 2

IMG_0947use (3)

Autumn color, study 3


Autumn color, study 4

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