A Fleeting Autumn Day

The photographs below are in celebration of autumn in central Ohio. Inspiration was found on a recent visit to High Banks Metro Park as well as closer to home along the Scioto River. The High Banks landscape, with it’s ravines and mature trees, offers opportunities to explore autumn color not found elsewhere in the area. The Scioto River with it’s wooded banks and recently low relatively clear water also provided unique opportunities. Not all color was found in leaves. We were also fortunate to find some fungus with it’s own special beauty.

It is fleeting. Even on the nicest days, leaves often seem to cling precariously to branches as their colors change.  A driving overnight rain results in tree top branches being naked by morning that appeared fully clothed the night before. Later in the day, in a statement of inevitability, steady autumn winds take care of what is left.



Autumn along the Scioto River below Griggs Dam


Sycamore leaves along the Scioto

Mushroom ball family 101714 Highbanks cp1

Type of small puffball?, High Banks Metro Park, (Donna)

Mushroom Shell family 101714 Highbanks cp1

Common Mycena, High banks Metro Park, (Donna)

orange slim fungi 101714 Highbanks cp1

Orange Fungi/Slime Mold?, High Banks Metro Park, (Donna)

Red Bellied Woodpecker 101814 Griggs south cp1

Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Below Griggs Dam, (Donna)

Red IMG_4126

Red-Bellied Woodpecker below Griggs Dam, (shutter speed couldn’t quite stop it’s head)

Squirrel 2 with walnut shell closer 1 101614 Griggs cp1

Getting ready for winter, Griggs Park, (Donna)

Squirrel peek-a-boo 101614 Griggs cp1

Camera shy, Griggs Park, (Donna)

Bob IMG_4095use

Scioto River below Griggs Dam

Chestnut brown Mushrooms 101714 Highbanks cp1

Mushrooms and leaves, High Banks Metro Park, (Donna)

Fungi Fans on log 101714 Highbanks csb1

Mystery Polypore, High Banks Metro Park, (Donna)

Great Blue Heron on rock 101814 Griggs s. cp1

Autumn heron, Scioto River below Griggs Dam, (Donna)

hornet's nest by river 101814 Griggs south csb1

Hornet’s nest along the Scioto River below Griggs Dam, (Donna)

IMG_4045fix (2)

Creek bed, High Banks Metro Park

IMG_4046 (2)

Fence, High Banks Metro Park


Bridge over ravine, High Banks Metro Park

IMG_4050 (2)

Forest floor, High Banks Metro Park

IMG_4053 (2)

Autumn light, High Banks Metro Park


Splash of color, High Banks Metro Park

IMG_4064crop (2)

Yellow leaves, High Banks Metro Park

IMG_4066crop (2)

Trail of leaves, High Banks Metro Parks

IMG_4077fix (2)

Leaves and fungi, High Banks Metro Park

IMG_4081rix (2)

High Banks Metro Park Overlook


Fallen tree, High Banks Metro Park


Vines, High Banks Metro Park

IMG_4091fix (2)

Autumn path, High Banks Metro Park


Tree roots and autumn leaves along the Scioto River below Griggs Dam

6 Comments on “A Fleeting Autumn Day

  1. Beautiful pics! It’s funny to see your autumnal changes while here I’m experiencing spring. Lovely blog.

  2. I think those are puffballs, possibly pear shaped puffballs (Lycoperdon pyriforme). The orange crust fungus looks like (Stereum complicatum) or maybe (Stereum rugosum). The bracket fungi in the last shot look like turkey tails (Trametes versicolor). I’d guess that the vine is an old grape, because they usually shed their bark in stringy pieces as that one is doing.
    You’ve got some great fall colors there and some great shots of it. That hornet’s nest is amazing!

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