Autumn Walks

We walk along Griggs Reservoir almost every day. Lately, bright and sunny may give way to a day that is cloudy and overcast with just a bit of rain. This autumn we’ve been looking closer as every day brings small changes to the canvas. Each with it’s own unique light revealing extravagant color or subtle beauty. The celebration is sometimes very close, perhaps right at your feet as a colorful leaf comes to rest in a puddle, or further away as nearby bare branches turn colors on the opposite shore into stained glass.

In the last week, whether walking or paddling, Osprey can be seen overhead. Soon they will be heading south. Starlings are seen in tree tops. Were they there before and just not noticed? Wood Ducks, Coots, and Pied-billed Grebes have been more common. Passing through from points north no doubt. We’ve had to content ourselves with a few sightings of Yellow Rumped warblers to get our fall warbler fix.

Click on image for higher resolution.


Patterns in color, Griggs Park


Morning sun, Griggs Park


Morning sun just reaching the opposite shore, Griggs Park


Branches, color, reflection on a cloudy day, Griggs Park


Branches, color, reflection, study 2, Griggs Park


Cardinal with red leaves, Griggs Park

Cardinal in red leaf tree closer 1 100914 Griggs cp1

Cardinal, study 2, Griggs Park, (Donna)


Red leaves without the Cardinal, Griggs Park


Treetop Starlings, Griggs Park


Autumn sun on leaves, Scioto River below Griggs Reservoir

Singing Song Sparrow closer 1 100914 Griggs cp1

A song that makes one smile, Song Sparrow, Griggs Park, (Donna)

Heart Shaped leaf 100814 griggs north cp1 (2)

Leaf, Griggs Park, (Donna)

Great Blue Heron flying best 1 100814 Griggs south cp1 (2)

Still plenty of Great Blue Herons along the reservoir, Griggs Park, (Donna)

fungi underneath 2 100814 Griggs south cp1 (2)

Fall fungus, Dryad’s Saddle, Griggs Park, (Donna)

frilly lichen 100814 griggs cp1

Recent rains have brought color to lichen, Griggs Park, (Donna)

Yellow-rumped Warbler looking right 100814 Griggs south cp1

Yellow-rumped Warbler, Griggs Park, (Donna)


Autumn on a stump, Griggs Park


Leaves caught by a shaft of sunlight, Griggs Park


Park path, Griggs Park


From a recent rain, Griggs Park, (Donna)

Northern Flicker 100814 Griggs south cp1

Northern Flicker, Griggs Park, (Donna)


Fallen leaves line the park road, Griggs Park


Reflections and fallen leaves, Griggs Park


Oak leaves, Griggs Park

8 Comments on “Autumn Walks

  1. Wonderful – …beautiful pictures. Makes me wish I could walk Griggs Park myself – a little too far away, however. M 🙂

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