Paddling Into Autumn

Trees in autumn are a grand garden in bloom. Each day offers a new arrangement of colors and patterns to delight one who simply chooses to be in their presence.


Patterns and color, Griggs Reservoir


The weather was going to turn as it often does this time of the year. Today it’s quiet, sunny, almost sublime, tomorrow, cloudy, cold, and blustery. Better get out and see what there is to discover. Tomorrow we may be inside looking out as wind driven rain, or even worse snow, pelts the window.

IMG_0950 (2)c

Green Heron, Griggs Reservoir


Autumn flowers (Sneezeweed), Griggs Reservoir

Mom and baby deer 100214 Griggs paddle cp1531

Along the shore deer watch as we pass, Griggs Reservoir (Donna)


It was quiet when we started. The water’s surface, now the resting place of early fallen leaves, was only disturbing by the movement of our canoe and the occasional falling leaf. The morning sun drew out the emerging reds and yellows along the west shore and in the coolness warmed our backs as we worked our way north.

IMG_9914 (2)

North of Fishinger Road, Griggs Reservoir

IMG_9916fix (2)

West shore, Griggs reservoir


Capturing the color, Griggs Reservoir


Hint of color, north end of Griggs Reservoir

IMG_9929fix (2)

Stopping to clean up some shoreline trash rewarded us with a nice view, north end of Griggs Reservoir,


Later in the day, having spent some time exploring the most northern part of the reservoir, we retraced our path and headed back to our launch site. The wind picked up as we paddled south making pictures a challenge. I managed to control the boat as a Spotted Sandpiper slowed down just enough for a picture.

Sandpiper looking down best 1 100214 Griggs paddle cp1

Spotted Sandpiper, Griggs Reservoir, (Donna)

Sandpiper looking down best 2 100214 Griggs paddle cp1

Spotted Sandpiper, study 2, Griggs Reservoir, (Donna)


With only a few strokes left in our nine mile paddle we discovered some unexpected color.

Orange fungi from top 100214 Griggs paddle csb1

Chicken Mushroom, Griggs Reservoir, (Donna)


Later, at home, feeling that good kind of tired, we looked over pictures and recalling the things we’d seen. It had been a beautiful to paddle.

IMG_9932fix (2)

Griggs Reservoir

5 Comments on “Paddling Into Autumn

  1. You’ve got some great color there now! I love the shot of the chicken mushrooms. it’s unusual to see them growing over water like that. The yellow wildflower with the dullish center disk is sneezeweed, also called helenium. (Helenium autumnale). It likes soil that is on the wet side.

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