Clear Water along the Scioto

Encouraged by early success we continue us search for migrating warblers along Griggs Reservoir without much luck. But time spent in nature is probably much like life in general. A key to enjoying the experience is to appreciate what each day gives.


The fall colors continue to embrace the landscape often spontaneously appearing in just one localized part of a tree and then slowly continuing on from there.


Perhaps the victim of a sneak attack during the night but the perpetrator didn’t bring enough red paint to finish the job.


The lack of rain in recent days has left the Scioto River running low but clear. In the early morning, the clearness provides the river landscape with a sense of  freshness not usually there. The clear water does a much better job of reflecting the color of the trees along the shore and gives a sense of depth to the water by revealing rocks along the river bottom. Fish that are usually hidden by the turbidity are now in full view including one very large goldfish seen swimming lazily along during a recent walk.


IMG_7068 (2)c

Looking south along the Scioto River just below Griggs Dam with just a hint of autumn in the sun lit trees.


Yesterday we noticed a number of immature birds during our walk.

Green Heron looking left intently 092914 Griggs south cp1

A Green Heron looking among the rocks for is next meal. Scioto River below Griggs Dam, (Donna)

Green Heron looking right with crest 092914 Griggs south cp1

It let my wife get pretty close which caused us to think it was fairly young. (Donna)

IMG_6964 (2)

More young birds along the Scioto. In this case male Wood Ducks.

Mallard Couple resting 092914 Griggs south cp1

Young Mallards posing, (Donna)


Attracted by the screeching, we focused our cameras on a Coopers Hawk. Shortly after this picture, it flew away with something in it’s talons.

IMG_6947 (2)

Coopers Hawk, Griggs Park.


A stop by any berry bush revealed Catbirds and Cardinals taking advantage of the bounty.

Cardinal juvenile 3 092914 Grigg south cp1

An immature Cardinal enjoys the berries, (Donna)


Continuing to test out “Kayak Cam” I though you’d like to see what I usually catch when fishing in Griggs Reservoir. Actually the picture I was hoping for was of the fish that was on the line before this one. It towed me around the reservoir for about two or three minutes before it got off.

IMGP0003 (2)

A big catch!

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