Sounds of Insects and Summer Passing

We recently walked the trails at Prairie Oaks Metro Park with the intention of getting a few pictures of whatever insects happened by or more importantly landed on a leaf or flower long enough to photograph.

Pausing to listen by a lake, meadow, or woods will quickly bring you to the realization that it’s that insect time of the year. Actual it’s been so for several weeks but now trees have hints of color other than green and when venturing out in the morning one is greeted by cooler temperatures. The sun is lower now as it continues it’s yearly journey south so the light is also different, piercing rather than embracing. At water’s edge dragonflies ceaselessly patrol in the warm late morning sun while Monarch and Viceroy butterflies go about their business in the nearby meadows. Walking through the same meadows in pursuit of a butterfly one is greeting by hundreds of grasshoppers all seeking a different escape route. Further in the woods more woodpeckers and bluejays are heard and one can’t help but notice a branch rebounding as a Fox squirrel moves from tree to tree. It couldn’t be getting ready for winter already could it? In early September, with the absence of any sudden cloudbursts, the rivers in central Ohio are low, exposing previously hidden gravel bars, and are a pleasant shade of green.

IMG_3918 (2)

Low water on the Big Darby exposes a gravel bar, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Ruby Meadowhawk, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

IMG_3881 (2)

Fragile Forktail, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Grasshopper on leaf 090814 Prairie Oaks bend lakes cp1

Grasshopper, one of many seen, Prairie Oaks Metro Park, (Donna)

Duskywing 090814 Prairie Oaks bend lakes cp1

Duskywing, Prairie Oaks Metro Park, (Donna)

Common Whitetail best 2 090814 Prairie Oaks bend lakes cp1

Widow Skimmer (M), Prairie Oaks Metro Park, (Donna)

Black and white wasp 090814 Prairie Oaks bend lakes cp1

Black and White Wasp, Prairie Oaks Metro Park, (Donna)

Yellow flower interior with bee 090814 Prairie Oaks beaver lake cp1

Hover fly (not a bee) on flower, Prairie Oaks Metro Park, (Donna)

Widow Skimmer 090814 Prairie Oaks beaver lake cp1

Widow Skimmer, Prairie Oaks Metro Park, (Donna)

IMG_3966 (2)

Painted turtles, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

IMG_3965 (2)

Monarch, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

IMG_3963 (2)

Viceroy, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

IMG_3959 (2)

Bluegill, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

IMG_3954 (2)

Eastern Pondhawk, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Pond, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Flowers at waters edge, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Ebony Jewel wing, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Blue-ringed Dancer, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

IMG_3932 (2)

Pond, study 2, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Halloween Pennant, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Painted Turtles, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Silhouettes, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Eastern Wood Peewee watching dragonflies, Prairie Oaks Metro Park


Crooked-stem Asters, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

IMG_3921 (2)

Big Darby, Prairie Oaks Metro Park

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