Too Many Ospreys To Count

Recently we decided the paddle the north end of Alum Creek Reservoir. To get started we put in at the Howard Rd launch and headed north. Early in the year we can expect to see both migrating and breeding warblers along the shore. In late July, from all we can tell, the warblers are no longer present. If they are, they’re being real quite.  So what would we see? Since it was a beautiful day, cool temperatures and a light wind, it didn’t matter too much. It was a great day for a paddle.

As we made our way up the reservoir we did manage to see Spotted Sandpipers, Green Herons, Cormorants, Kingfishers, Terns, Great Blue Herons, Hummingbirds, Peewee’s, Phoebe’s, a Bald Eagle and even a Yellow Billed Cuckoo. Not bad! However, the real star’s of the day were all the Osprey’s. The nesting platforms at the north end of Alum Creek Reservoir were very successful this year. There were too many birds to count!


The route.


Bluffs overlooking north end Alum Creek Reservoir


Spotted Sandpiper near the bluffs, Alum Creek Reservoir

Cormorant design closer 072514 Alum Creek cp1

Cormorants, Alum Creek Reservoir, (Donna)


Alum Creek, submerged tree.

Eastern Amberwing 072514 Alum Creek cp1

Quite a few Eastern Amber wings were out, (Donna)


Eastern Comma, looking a little tired.


Large Wolf Spider along the shore, Alum Creek Reservoir


Cliff along Alum Creek where it flows into the reservoir.


Kingfisher perched along the cliff.


Osprey, north end of Alum Creek Reservoir


Osprey, north end of Alum Creek Reservoir, study 2


Osprey, north end of Alum Creek Reservoir, study 3


Sandbar on Alum Creek, as far up the river as we could paddle.


Alum Creek



6 Comments on “Too Many Ospreys To Count

    • While the rivers and reservoirs in Ohio do contain many types of game fish, there are also a lot of carp so there are a lot of small carp. I’m guessing that more than anything else is what the Cormorants, Ospreys, and Bald Eagles are feeding on.

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