The West Highland Way

On occasion we leave central Ohio to experience nature in a different location. A few weeks ago we travelled to Scotland to hike the 96 mile West Highland Way which runs between Milngavie and Fort William. You can hike part or the whole thing. Deciding to be nice to our “We’re not 25 anymore” bodies we stayed in Inns or B&B’s each night.  The scenery was spectacular and the weather, while wet at times, never was so bad that you couldn’t enjoy the day. Because many of the birds seen for the first time were common, it was pretty easy to add 39 life birds to our list.

If you love being out in nature and enjoy walking, we highly recommend hiking in Scotland and the West Highland Way is one of the best long treks. Because some days could be as long as 16 miles, and some terrain rugged, we kept camera equipment to a minimum using a Canon SX260 and an older SD850. We wore all synthetic fabrics while on the trail and, because the weather could be very changeable, carried extra clothing, raingear, as well as water and snacks/lunch in our day packs. We set up our trip through Hillwalk Tours and were very happy with in the arrangements.


The start of our eight day walk.


The Route


Walking through the woods early on.


A Curlew is seen off the trail.


A view of Loch Lomond from Conic Hill on the 2nd day.


A Magpie entertains.


The trail along Loch Lomond


One of many small streams flowing into Loch Lomond


Just one of the many beautiful waterfall seen.


Beautiful view along Loch Lomond.


Further north water seemed to be everywhere.


North of Loch Lomond, following an old military road.


On the sixth day we start to see more dramatic scenery.


A view at the start of the seventh day leaving Kings House.


Pixie Cup Lichen, with all the rain there was no shortage od moss and lichen.


Near Kings House


The trail beckons.


More lichen.


Sometimes the trail was a little rough.


Are we really here?


The team at the finish in Fort William.


8 Comments on “The West Highland Way

  1. Great pictures of a lovely part of our country. We used to live near Fort William and I still miss the highland scenery.

  2. That was an amazing trip according to the photos. I hope everything finished well with Well Spring; I wish I could have been there. See you on Sept.



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