Seeing a Very Unusual Bird and Remembering

Normally when on a walk to explore nature, it’s a flower or warbler that highlights the outing. Today a very large bird flew overhead. For a moment, without protest, it took us away from our enjoyment of the many Cedar Waxwings that were occupying the trees and bushes along the reservoir.

The bird’s call was unmistakable and for most men my age, when it came into view, identification was not difficult.


Boeing B17 heavy bomber used for daylight missions over Germany during WWII


Boeing B17 heavy bomber, visiting Columbus for tours and rides.


After the sound the four Pratt and Whitney radial engines faded into the distance, we got back to enjoying the birds.

f IMG_3312

Cedar Waxwing, Griggs Reservoir


The very common Morning Dove was also present along the river. It’s beautiful call announces that spring is really here.

d IMG_3293

Morning Dove along the Scioto River


Now that it’s leafed out the Orioles are much harder to see but we did manage to get one record shot.

c IMG_3299

Baltimore Oriole along the Scioto River


My wife was busy taking inventory of the wildflowers that were in attendance.

g Yellow Flag Iris 052414 Griggs cp1

Yellow Flag Iris along the Scioto River, (Donna)

g Star of Bethlehem 052414 Griggs cp1

Star of Bethlehem along the Scioto River, (Donna)

g Daisy Fleabane Griggs IMG_0739

Daisy Fleabane along the Scioto River, (Donna)


and I was again trying to identify some of the lichen seen.

Flavoparmelia caperata IMG_3278

Flavoparmelia caperata

Candelaria concolor and Physconia lichen IMG_3276

Candelaria concolor (orange) and Physconia lichen


So on this Memorial day weekend a deep feeling of gratitude goes out to the men and women who have served at sea, in the air, and on the ground to preserve our freedom and way of life.


In Remembrance



5 Comments on “Seeing a Very Unusual Bird and Remembering

  1. My father served in World War II. Then he went to UW-Madison and then taught history for 32 years. He died in 1983. Not so far away though . . .

    My best to you and your wife, hope you have a lovely summer. Ellen

    • I guess we do what we have to but it’s still hard to image the courage of our parent’s generation, the depression and then the war! Best wishes to you also.

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