It Must Be Spring We Saw Turtles

We’ve been spending a fair amount of time the last few days looking for migrating waterfowl. However, a couple of days ago we did see our first warbler of the year, a Yellow-rumped, so it’s been a challenge deciding where to put our effort. All of the sudden it seems a though things are changing really fast.


Yesterday while on Loon patrol along Griggs Reservoir Park , a Bufflehead stayed close to shore and posed as a Song Sparrow sang nearby.

Click on images for a better view.

Bufflehead, Griggs Reservoir 033114

Male Bufflehead and you can actually see it’s eye. Difficult to photograph because of the very white whites and black blacks. Griggs Reservoir

Song Sparrow, Griggs Reservoir, 033114

Song Sparrow along Griggs Reservoir, Certainly not a Prothonotary Warbler but with a song second to none!

Today we visited Watermark and were fortunate to see Red-necked and Horned Grebes along with Coots, Canada Geese, Double Crested Cormorants and Buffleheads. The Grebes were of particular interest as we had hoped to see the Loon that had been reported at this location yesterday. As you may have guessed all the birds were pretty far away when photographed.

Red-necked Grebe, study 2, Watermark, 040114

Red-necked Grebe (non-breeding), Watermark

Red-necked Grebe, Watermark, 040114

Red-necked Grebe (non-breeding), study 2, Watermark

Horned Grebe, Watermark 040114

Horned Grebe, Watermark

Horned Grebe, study 2 Watermark 040114

Horned Grebe, study 2, Watermark

Another stop was Kiwanis Riverway Park where we were excited to see our first turtles of the year on a log sunning themselves. You could hardly blame them as it was sunny with a temperature of about 75 F. While in the same area a Red-shouldered Hawk flew over with a small snake in it’s talons and landed nearby. How often does that happen?

Kiwanis Riverway Park, 040114

A hint of green, Kiwanis Riverway Park

Male Mallard, Kiwanis Riverway Park, 040114

Male Mallard looking quite comfortable, Kiwanis Riverway Park

Red-eared Slider, Kiwanis Riverway Park, 040114

Red-eared Slider, Kiwanis Riverway Park

Painted Turtle, Kiwanis Riverway Park, 040114

Painted Turtle, Kiwanis Riverway Park

Red-shouldered Hawk with snake, Kiwanis Riverway Park, 040114

Red-shouldered Hawk with snake, Kiwanis Riverway Park

Red-shouldered Hawk with snake closeup, Kiwanis Riverway Park, 040114

Close-up of the unfortunate snake.




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