A Red Fox in Griggs Park

It was a rather chilly 22 F this morning when I decided to take my refurbished mountain bike on a 10 mile peddle to check out the Loons on Griggs Reservoir. What I like about the mountain bike is that it’s like being a kid again. I just hop on it and ride, no worries about special shoes or clothing, and it’s great for exploring and looking for wildlife.

Stepping back and looking at the landscape  hardly reminds one of spring but I tried my best to take a pleasant landscape shot below the dam.


Late March Landscape, Scioto River looking south just below Griggs Dam

Late March Landscape, Scioto River looking south just below Griggs Dam


Along the reservoir and river, the Great Blue Herons were out in force, along with Double Crested Cormorants, a few Hooded  Mergansers, Mallards, a Pied-billed Grebe, a Red-tailed Hawk, Canada Geese, and one male Bufflehead but again no Loon. All the birds were too far away to photograph, at least in a way that would improve upon any pictures already taken, so I resisted the temptation.

The highlight of the day was seeing a Red Fox along the park road as I peddled north. Unfortunately it all happened so quickly there was no way to stop the bike and pull out the camera fast enough to get a picture. While I understand that there are Red Foxes lurking about in the city in more wooded areas, it’s the first fox that I’ve ever seen in Griggs Reservoir Park so it was a real treat.

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