Herring Gulls on Griggs Reservoir

Yesterday on one of our Scotland trip training walks we finally saw something we’ve been trying to find for weeks. A Herring Gull on Griggs Reservoir. Actually there was more than one. Don’t get me wrong they’re hardly a rare bird even in central Ohio. However, in the winter we predominately see Ring-billed Gulls so it was rather exciting to see a different specie on the reservoir. The birds may have been attracted to the same thing attracting the Ring-billed Gulls, plenty of dead but well preserved shad.

As you can see from the picture below the Herring Gull is quite a bit larger than the Ring-billed.

6 (IM) Heron Gull with fish

Immature Herring Gull with fish, Griggs Reservoir

7 (IM) Heron Gull with fish

Enjoying a meal (Donna)

5 Herring Gull with Ring Bills

Herring Gull with Ring-billed Gulls

8 Ring-billed Gulls

The Ring-bill’s are staying put even with the presence of the Herring Gulls

When we weren’t looking at the gulls we did notice some “spring ice” that had formed the night before when temps dropped into the low teens. Actually I’m sick of winter and it’s associated ice but the way the ice piled up along the shore after freezing in a thin sheet was fascinating so bare with me.

1 Spring Ice Design

Ice patterns

2 Griggs Ice

Wind driven ice piled up on shore, Griggs Reservoir

3 Grigs Ice

Ice looking like broken glass, Griggs Reservoir (Donna)

4 Leaf in Ice

Leaf in ice

The below picture shows a tree we found growing right along the shoreline. It’s interesting “clumping” structure is not noticeable once it leafs out.

11 Unkown Tree

Black Mulberry

Further along we couldn’t help but notice what seems to be a fairly common lichen in central Ohio. I believe I’ve correctly identified it. The pictures represent an effort to learn more about these fascinating plants.

9 Physcia millegrana Lichen

Physcia millegrana Lichen

10 Physcia millegrana Lichen

Physcia millegrana Lichen (closer look)

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a picture of a Coopers Hawk as we headed home at about mile eight of the walk.

12 Coopers Hawk

Coopers Hawk




Unlike yesterday, today warmed up into the fifties and was very windy. As we walked the paths of Highbanks Metro Park with friends we saw several Blue Birds and then two Red Shouldered Hawks


Red Shouldered Hawk, High Banks Metro Park


Red Shouldered Hawk, study 2, High Banks Metro Park


Red Shouldered Hawk, study 3

Further on several Red Winged Black Birds were staking out their territory.


Male Red-winged Blackbirds staking out their territory, High Banks Metro Park

Finally, color is starting to emerge from the landscape.


Snow Drops, High Banks Metro Park

5 Comments on “Herring Gulls on Griggs Reservoir

  1. The wind piled ice is interesting. I’ve never seen that happen.
    I wonder if those are witch’s brooms on that mulberry tree. That’s pretty much what they look like.
    It looks like your lichen ID could be a good one.

  2. The ice patterns are very interesting. In the first image of the ice the shapes mimic sand ripples. I’ve not seen anything like that before.

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