Letting Go of Winter

A few days ago we went on one of our first bike rides of the season.


Along the roadside, having made their yearly trip from points south, male Red-winged Blackbirds were busy calling and staking out their territory.


Male Red-winged Blackbird (file photo)


Temperatures pushing into the fifties were not enough to rouse the spring peepers as the places they call home remained covered with ice.


As we rode, a late winter sun, now higher in the sky, lightened a gray brown landscape that for now holds mostly promise.


A sparrow’s song spoke of change, of warmer days.


Song Sparrow, (from a previous post)


The winter had been harsh but generous, covering open water with ice and concentrating waterfowl in rivers, providing a view of birds that are often harder to see.

Lesser Scalp 031014 Griggs south cp1

Lesser Scaup, (Donna)

and some more common

and some who’s commonness dulls our senses to their beauty.


Today as we walked, a Robin tugged on an earthworm in what we thought still frozen ground and early spring flowers confirmed our suspicion that winter, a guest with it’s welcome worn out, may finally be leaving.

Snowdrops closer yet 031014 Neighborhood cp1

Snow Drops, (Donna)


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