A Visit to Six Mile Cypress Slough

One of the interesting places we visited during our recent too short trip to Florida was Six Mile Cyprus Slough near Fort Myers. It’s a beautiful area which uses a mile long boardwalk to facilitate views of many types of birds as well as frogs, turtles, snakes and alligators.

On this particular day we were more interested in being there than in taking pictures so my wife opted for her Panasonic Fz150 and I my Canon Sx40. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, for me it’s always a trade off when it comes to the cameras I use. The more equipment I carry the more it’s about the photograph which often takes me away from just being there.

So much for my philosophizing, below are pics of just some of the things you might see while visiting Six Mile Cypress Slough in February:


Male Anhinga


Young Alligator


Redbelly Cooter



Female Anhinga


Eastern Black Racer


Northern Parula Warbler


Northern Parula Warbler

racoon 021214 six mile cypress slough cp1

Young Raccoon, Donna

White Ibis 021214 Six Mile Cypress Slough cp1704

White Ibis, Donna


Palm Warber


Yellow-rumped Warbler


Redbelly Cooter


Bald Cypress


A view of the slough


Black-crowned Night Heron

black-and- white warbler 021214 six mile cypess cp1

Black and White Warbler, Donna

black-and-white warbler and ferns 021214 six mile cypress slough cp1

Black and White Warbler, study 2, Donna

4 Comments on “A Visit to Six Mile Cypress Slough

    • Yes it is. Unlike Florida, nature in Ohio is a bit more of a challenge, we have to be more patient, look closer, and sometimes just a little harder, to find those things that bring a sense of wonder.

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