Corkscrew Swamp

While camped at the Koreshan State Historic Site in Florida last week we decided to check out Corkscrew Swamp about a 30 mile drive from the campground.  It’s one of the premier natural areas in Florida.

Corkscrew Swamp

Welcome to Corkscrew Swamp, web pic.


Corkscrew Swamp Blair Audubon Center, web pic.

The busy roads and the extent of the commercial and residential development in the southwest corner of Florida take a while to get used to. It feels a little like a sprawling outdoor warehouse for those of us trying to escape the cold northern winters. In many places there appears to have been little regard for any natural aesthetic. However, in it’s defense, the area is no different than any other location in the US facing rapid population growth.

So when we arrived at the huge area set aside and know as Corkscrew Swamp we were pleasantly surprised by the natural beauty. Access to the area is limited to a roughly two mile long boardwalk but there’s still lots to see. Unique to the swamp are the 500 year old Bald Cypress Trees. The largest virgin stand in the world. However, what was really attracting us were the birds. We didn’t see the Painted Bunting we hoped to that day but did see a Purple Gallinule, a rather strange looking bird with big feet related to the American Coot.

Below is some of what we saw the day we were there:


Great Crested Flycatcher, Corkscrew Swamp


Great Crested Fly Catcher, study 2, Corkscrew Swamp


Red Shouldered Hawk on nest, Corkscrew Swamp


White-eyed Vireo, Corkscrew Swamp

white-eyed vireo 021014 Corkscrew swamp cp1

White-eyed Vireo, study 2, Corkscrew Swamp, Donna


Bald Cypress, Corkscrew Swamp


Boardwalk, Corkscrew Swamp


Alligator, Corkscrew Swamp


Swamp Lilly, Corkscrew Swamp


Purple Gallinule, Corkscrew Swamp (note the big feet!)


Purple Gallinule, study 2, Corkscrew Swamp


Pileated Woodpecker, Corkscrew Swamp

Black and White Warbler, Corkscrew Swamp

Black and White Warbler, Corkscrew Swamp

4 Comments on “Corkscrew Swamp

  1. That swamp lily is gorgeous… most dainty and fragile looking. Very strange footwear on that Gallinule…. Nice that you’re escaping the worst of the storms up north.

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