The Swan was Mute

Yesterday, after returning from a short trip to Florida, we decided to recondition ourselves to the winter weather by taking a walk along Griggs Reservoir.

Because it was slightly above freezing, the 8-10 inches of snow still on the ground was very wet so we decided to walk the plowed road running through the park rather than our usual route.  The reservoir was still iced over which may be a record for recent years. Last year, ice covered the reservoir for at most 7 days compared to this years thirty plus.

Walking along the reservoir, robins and woodpeckers greeted us with song sparrows singing like it was a sunny spring day.

IMG_2537 (2)

Red-bellied Woodpecker in front yard.

Downey Woodpecker 021814 Griggs North cp1

Downy Woodpecker along Griggs Reservoir, Donna

Scanning the reservoir we noticed what appeared to be a strangely shaped clump of snow. The binoculars revealed the clump to be a Mute Swan. It appeared to be relaxing on the ice in the middle of the reservoir. A rather odd sight.

Mute Swan on Griggs Reservoir

Mute Swan on Griggs Reservoir


Mute Swan

Why it choose that location to relax is anybody’s guess. In the winter we’ve seen swans in the river below the dam but never on the ice in the middle of the reservoir. One thing is for sure, it didn’t have to worry about predators sneaking up on it. About an hour passed and it was till there went we left the park amazed by what we’d seen.

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