Winter to Spring?

A few days ago the temperature was hovering around zero degrees. A couple of days later, after a fair amount of rain, it was close to fifty. If the temperature had stayed below freezing and the reservoir ice covered, we had hoped to continue our observation of waterfowl concentrated in the river. That had now all changed. The ice was pretty much gone and the waterfowl had dispersed.

We checked below the dam but the river was running high with a strong current and there were no birds. However, not far away at an abandoned quarry, now a very clear nice size lake, we were successful. Unfortunately, due to economics and/or lack of vision, this lovely body of water has been surrounded by office buildings and asphalt parking lots rather than a nice urban park but the birds don’t seem to mind.

Buffle Heads and Pie-billed Grebes

Buffle Heads and Pied-billed Grebes

Ring-necks and Buffle-heads

Ring-necked and Buffle-heads

Gulls on Ice

Ring-billed Gulls on Ice

Ring Necks and Coots

Ring-necked and Coots

The next day was sunny so we walked along Griggs Reservoir wondering what we would see but glad to be outside. The birds were apparently also happy about the sun as they were quite active. When not looking at birds my wife yielded to her recently acquired interest in lichens and mosses.


Nuthatch, study 1


Red-shouldered Hawk, study 1


Red-shouldered Hawk, study 2

fungi shells on tree 011414 griggs cp1

Tender Polypore on tree, Donna

Downy pecking 011414 Griggs cp1

Downy Woodpecker, study 1, Donna

Bluebird on branch 011414 Griggs better cp1

Male Bluebird, Donna

Bluebird female on branch 2 011414 Griggs cp1

Female Bluebird, Donna

Yellow-orange fungi better 011414 Griggs cp1

Fungi, Donna

White-Breasted Nuthatch 011414 Griggs cp1

Nuthatch, study 2,  Donna

Tan Fungi better 011414 Griggs cp1

Ochre Spreading Tooth, Donna

Mallard pair 011414 Griggs cp1

Mallards, Donna

Lichen with pink 011414 Griggs cp1

Lichen, Donna




Turkey Tail


Downy Woodpecker, study 2


Thanks for stopping by.

9 Comments on “Winter to Spring?

  1. The photos are excellent!

    However, I believe that what you identified as a juvenile red-tailed hawk is really a juvenile red-shouldered hawk. The head looks too round, and the tail too short to be a red-tailed, and there are slight differences in the color patterns as well. But I could be wrong, there are pronounced regional differences in hawks, and I’m not an expert on Ohio hawks.

    It’s been my observation that birds love the sun even more than we do.

  2. What fantastic images! So very crisp and clear and colorful. It’s wonderful what a bit of sunshine will do.

  3. Just want you to know that I really enjoy your posts. Having lived very near Griggs Dam for many years, I missed a lot not spending more time down there, as your photographs show. Your photography is beautiful. I love the birds, the bushes, the lichens and the water. Keep up the great work.

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