After Christmas Kinglets and Smallmouth Bass

It was the morning of the day after Christmas and seemed like a good time to go for a long walk as a way of atoning for the sins of the last few days. Being a rather windy blustery day we didn’t anticipate seeing many birds so we decided to keep the equipment light.


Equipment taken when we don’t think we’re going to see anything

We walked for some distance along the Griggs Reservoir and, not seeing many birds, were kept busy picking up bottles and cans deposited along the shore by high water caused from recent heavy rains. Continuing to an area along the river below the dam, debris was clinging to trees indicating that the water level had been much higher during the previous two days. The water was still running high, swift and muddy.

We noticed a solitary fisherman, and given the time of year and conditions, couldn’t help but think he was wasting his time. But to our surprise, he motioned us over, and low and behold, he’d caught a nice small mouth bass. It’s appearance was ghost like compared to the summer but it was a small mouth and we were amazed. It was released it soon after the picture.


Scioto River Small Mouth during the summer

TJ with SM Bass

TJ’s December Scioto River Small Mouth

The small mouth seemed to be an omen of things to come because not long after we took the picture of TJ with his bass, a flock of about 30 Blue Birds flew overhead and we then started seeing Downy Woodpeckers, some Golden-crowned Kinglets and even a White-throated Sparrow hiding in the brush near the river.

White-throated Sparrow Hiding

White-throated Sparrow hiding at rivers edge

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Donna

The walk definitely exceeded expectations and I’m now thinking there may be room for another piece of pie.

5 Comments on “After Christmas Kinglets and Smallmouth Bass

  1. What a delightful post! I should say after thar you deserved another piece of pie!!!

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