A Snow Angel Appears

The winter morning sun slants into a kitchen window

IMG_6229colorfix (2)

Morning light

Maybe we should go for a walk

Looking through frosty air at the thermometer on the garage

It’s six degrees, maybe we should wait

Later, after another cup of coffee, we bundle up and start


Frozen road

A gentle, but still cold, wind stings our face

Snow and ice give way to foot steps with a brittle crunch


Snow and shadow

Shadows and snow paint in blue and white


Tree shadows

The sun plays hide and seek among the tree branches


Shoreline ice

Soft gives way to hard as ice forms along the reservoir shore


Winter shore


Trees and ice?

Snow and ice both reveal and hide features of a familiar place



A Robin huddles

IMG_0837 snow angel

Snow Angel

Returning home, a snow angel has appeared

Christmas must be near

7 Comments on “A Snow Angel Appears

  1. So beautiful–between the snow angel and the amazing tree snow shadows. How lovely! Thank you for sharing this.

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