Yard Birds

It’s easy to understand why we get excited about an exotic bird we’ve traveled a long distance to see. Sometimes it’s also rewarding to stop and appreciate birds we see more often at a feeder or a sunflower left standing in the yard. Just grab a pair of binoculars! It’s captures the imagination when we consider the distance some travel and the adversity they overcome so we have the privilege of enjoying them just outside our window. For some it’s a trip of hundreds of miles, for others it’s just around the block.


Sparrows resting in a backyard bush


Snow bird, Dark-eyed Junco




Junco in Sweet Gum tree


Song Sparrow in the garden before the recent snow


Female Cardinal on Sunflower


Here’s looking at you


Checking things out


Male Cardinal on Sunflower


Looking around


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5 Comments on “Yard Birds

  1. Last winter we decided not to feed the birds. Our daughter came home at Christmas time and noted how quiet and sterile the woods seemed. Now we’re feeding again. It’s quite noisy all around!

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