The Winter Scioto in Black and White

This year cold and snow have come early to central Ohio. The first official day of winter hasn’t arrived but we’ve already had several snowfalls. Snow often transforms the landscape,  providing a new adventure in a place frequented many times before.

A light snow often reveals patterns and designs that were not obvious. Today’s walk along the Scioto River below Griggs Dam revealed a beauty that one would never suspect is there. For some of the color images in this post I decided that the story was better told in black and white.

As we walked, we were entertained by Juncos, Golden-crowned Kinglets, Robins, and House Finches, although not all posed for a picture. Ring-billed Gulls and Canada Geese seemed quite comfortable in the reservoir which, despite overnight temperatures between 15-20 F, had not yet frozen over.


A stump and the tracks of a curious animal stand out in the fresh snow


A trail along the river seems to be leading into a magical place


Scioto River


The base of a tree near the river


Tree root patterns


Downy Woodpecker


Another view


Shoreline boulders


Usually barely noticeable, a creek becomes a thing of beauty

IMG_1935c (2)

Ring-billed Gulls in formation on the reservoir


Canada Geese cruising along a snowy shoreline


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5 Comments on “The Winter Scioto in Black and White

  1. Wow-you have a lot more snow than we’ve seen here. We had a scant two inches on the ground this morning so I went out early to get some shots before it all melted. I like the shots of the horizontal woodpecker!

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