Colors of December

When taking a early December walk in central Ohio one doesn’t usually expect a very colorful experience. This is true even if the weather decides to become momentarily spring like. If no snow is present, the landscape takes on a monochromatic brown appearance. The distant trees almost remind one of an old sepia tone. But if you are patient, and look carefully, things really aren’t all that bleak. Furthermore, some of what you see is hard to explain given the continuous subfreezing weather of the days before.

Many thanks to my wife Donna for sharing some of her photos from today’s walk along Griggs Reservoir.

For the curious, all these pictures were taken with either a Canon SX40 or Panasonic FZ150. 


Fungus on a log


Another example of fungus on a fallen log.


Near the top a tree, a Cardinal surveys it’s realm


A vine growing on a tree produced these berries.


Near the river, the roots of a large tree show the effects of high water


Moss on a fallen log looks as though there’s been no cold weather

orange jelly-like mushrooms 2 120313 griggs cp1

These fellas looked as though they just popped out, Donna

Tan Chantrell Mushrooms 2 120313 griggs cp1

A nice example of fungus growing on a fallen log, Donna

underside mushroom family 120313 griggs cp1

A mushroom family, Donna

Best mushroom family 120313 griggs cp1

On a fallen log, Donna

Bluebird 2 closer 120313 Griggs cp1

Blue Birds seemed to be attracted to the Griggs Reservoir shoreline in winter, Donna

Downey Woodpecker closer 120313 Griggs cp 1

Downy Woodpecker, Donna


Blue Jay trying to warm up


There were many Ring-billed Gulls on the reservoir which hasn’t froze over yet


Just how far can a Downy Woodpecker turn it’s head?


American Robin near the top of a tree


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