Clifton Gorge and John Bryan State Park

About an hour due west of Columbus is one of the prettiest spots in Ohio. Even on a fall day when the color is past it’s peak.

It’s a particularly nice days outing to do the ten mile hike from Clifton Mill, through the gorge, John Bryan State Park and Glen Helen Nature Preserve, to Yellow Springs and back not forgetting that Yellow Springs is a great spot for lunch!

You may click on images for a better view.


. IMG_6081ju















. IMG_6102jacked up



. IMG_6120ju





. IMG_6135ju


As if to say: “look now, tomorrow I will be gone” the late autumn color splashes the landscape.


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8 Comments on “Clifton Gorge and John Bryan State Park

  1. An hour west of Columbus is near Dayton, isn’t it? For all the miles that I logged in Ohio, I never thought that there would be scenery like that between those two cities, very good photos as well!

    • In Ohio it’s hard to getimages of corn and soybean fields out of your head. I grew up in Michigan and northern part of the stateincluding the UP are some of my very favorite places!

  2. I wonder if you’ve ever heard of A.L. Gibson, who I believe is the State Botanist for the State of Ohio? He has a blog called The Natural Treasures of Ohio and he writes about some amazingly beautiful, out of the way places in your state. If you want to find some new places to explore it might be worth a look :

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