Yellow-rumped Warblers on a Blustery Day

A few days ago we saw a Yellow-throated Vireo with a group of Yellow-rumped Warblers while walking along Griggs reservoir. The vireo had posed long enough for a picture but the warblers weren’t so cooperative. That day, on our way down to the reservoir, we were even treated to a nice view of a Cooper’s Hawk that paused in it’s pursuit of a squirrel long enough for a picture.


Neighborhood Cooper’s Hawk


Yellow-throated Vireo along Griggs Reservoir


Yellow-throated Vireo


Now, a few days later, we sat looking out our living room window. A wet autumn snow fell as the temperature hovered around a windy 40 F. The snow was followed by light rain, then sun, and then snow again. Hardly the kind of day that beckons one outside.

But things always look better once you’re out so why not check out Griggs? Being so close by it isn’t a big commitment and you never know .   .   .


Sun lit trees and dark sky


Blustery day along Griggs


Creek reflections


Great Blue Heron unfazed by the weather


Fall color


Yellow-rumped warbler eating berries


Yellow-rumped warbler


Road through the park

I couldn’t help but take another pic of one of my favorite trees along the reservoir in all is autumn splendor.




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